About the Network

We are a new international group of researchers who are interested in research related to errors, failure and mistakes. We are keen to explore ways that we can work together in this research space to help improve outcomes for all.  

 Several of us recently met together at the EARLI 2023 conference in Greece. We were invited to presented a symposium on failure which was titled 
Different responses to errors: Perspectives from several educational contexts.


EARLI 2023 Symposium Papers
  • Error climate and alienation from teachers: A longitudinal analysis in primary school 

    • Gabriele Steuer (Presenting Author)
    • Alyssa Laureen Grecu (Co-Author)
    • Julia Morinaj (Co-Author)


  • Supportive error feedback fosters students’ positive emotions and motivation 

    • Annalisa Soncini (Presenting Author)
    • Maria Cristina Matteucci (Presenting Author)


  • How you talk to your kids about setbacks and failures matters 

    • Elizabeth Peterson (Presenting Author)
    • Sharma Tanvi (Co-Author)
    • Amy Bird (Co-Author)
    • Elaine Reese (Co-Author)
    • Annette Henderson (Co-Author)
    • Varun Ramgopal (Co-Author)
    • Susan M B Morton (Co-Author)


  • The value of (learning from) mistakes in teacher education in Finland and Germany 

    • Annika Breternitz (Presenting Author)
    • Maria Tulis (Co-Author)