Recent Conference Presentations from Network Members

Several of us recently met together at the EARLI 2023 conference in Greece. We were invited to presented a symposium on failure which was titled  –

Different responses to errors: Perspectives from several educational contexts.

EARLI 2023 Symposium Papers
Symposium EARLI 2023

Error climate and alienation from teachers: A longitudinal analysis in primary school 

  • Gabriele Steuer (Presenting Author)
  • Alyssa Laureen Grecu (Co-Author)
  • Julia Morinaj (Co-Author)

Supportive error feedback fosters students’ positive emotions and motivation 

  • Annalisa Soncini (Presenting Author)
  • Maria Cristina Matteucci (Presenting Author)

How you talk to your kids about setbacks and failures matters 

  • Elizabeth Peterson (Presenting Author)
  • Sharma Tanvi (Co-Author)
  • Amy Bird (Co-Author)
  • Elaine Reese (Co-Author)
  • Annette Henderson (Co-Author)
  • Varun Ramgopal (Co-Author)
  • Susan M B Morton (Co-Author)

The value of (learning from) mistakes in teacher education in Finland and Germany 

  • Annika Breternitz (Presenting Author)
  • Maria Tulis (Co-Author)