Research Network Members

Elizabeth Peterson

Associate Professor Elizabeth Peterson

Liz is the Director of the Enable lab at the University of Auckland in New Zealand . She is currently a named investigator on the contemporary Growing Up in NZ, longitudinal study which is following approximately 6800 children from before birth to the age of 21. 

 Most of her research is focused on trying to understand the factors, processes and pathways that optimise human learning and development and that promote happy, healthy, well rounded and resilient young people.  She is particularly interested in how people develop skills to learn from failure and is currently exploring how parent child conversations help develop these skills.  


Mari Tulis

Post Doctoral Researcher Maria Tulis

Maria is an independent postdoc researcher at the Department of Psychology at the University of Salzburg in Austria.  She is head of the working group „Teaching for Using Psychology in Educational Contexts“ and works closely with the School of Education and other networks of subject didactics in the context of teacher education. 

Her research focuses on the acquisition of psychological competences with a particular interested in the use of everyday psychological (mis)conceptions as learning opportunities. She also studies the individual and contextual conditions for adaptive dealing with errors and misconceptions in academic settings. In particular, she explores the determinants for overcoming failure and effective learning from errors with a special focus on motivational and emotional self-regulation, and adaptive orientations and beliefs. 

Postdoctoral Researcher Gabriele Steuer

Gabriele is working as postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Psychology at the University of Bielefeld (Germany). Her main research interest is dealing with errors. She focusses especially on the error climate, which describes the perception of, the reaction to and the learning from errors within the social context (at school or at the university). Currently she is especially interested in assessing the error climate in different school subjects and errors in their function as triggers for motivational regulation. 

Senior Lecturer, Dr Nick Garnett

Nick is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Director of Education within the School of Psychology at Keele University, UK.

Nick’s research is focussed across three main areas: Intervention science – what the most effective ways of changing behaviours or educating specific topics in focussed and targetted sessions? Self-limiting behaviours in education – why do some students develop patterns of behaviour that inhibit their ability to learn? The influence of policy on student outcomes – how does policy (both local and national) influence the classrooms in which students are educated in and how does this influence their outcomes?

Nick works across all educational domains, from informal play groups to formal university settings.


Postdoctoral Researcher, Annalisa Soncini

Annalisa is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ferrara, Italy. Her research interests concern environmental and social variables that influence the learning process, teacher-student relationships and teaching practices, as well as teachers’ well-being. She is currently working on overprotective parents and their effects on teachers’ well-being.

Maria Cristina

Associate Professor Maria Cristina Matteucci

Maria Cristina is Associate Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology (since 2019) at the Master’s Degree in School and Community Psychology, Department of Psychology. She works on learning and teaching processes and on school psychology. 

Costanza Dini

Costanza is a Masters Degree student in School and Community Psychology at University of Bologna.

She is currently working on her master thesis on teachers’ feedback and it’s influence on error climate.

Some topics of her research interest are teacher-students relationships, peer relationships in the classroom, class and school climate, the role of psychologists in school